The Majestic Feline Rulers of a Siberian Farm: How these Cats Took Over and Won Our Hearts

Alla Lebedeva, a Russian farmer, has gained viral fame for transforming her homestead into a cat shelter called ‘Catland.’ She and her husband have been raising Siberian cats for over a decade, and their feline family now includes an unknown number of cats that are protected by the kittens. Alla’s photos and videos of her fluffy cats have amassed over 2 thousand followers on YouTube, but they’ve also been circulating the internet without permission and misidentified as Norwegian cats. While closely related, it is important to remember that Siberian cats are a separate species. Check out Koshlandia and let us know if you’d like to visit this feline paradise.


A few years ago, I did some research on this particular breed and stumbled upon a stunning photo of it. It’s worth noting that if you’re someone who thinks having cats is out of the question due to allergies, you might want to reconsider. Apparently, many individuals with cat allergies can coexist with Siberians without any issues.


















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