Sunset Alchemy: Sulabh Lamba’s Radiant Cinematic Creations, Harnessing the Artistry of Dusk in Captivating Frames

Sunset offers a moment to forget about worries and worries and simply enjoy the beauty of nature. However, instead of just sitting and enjoying the warm light, visual artist and photographer Sulabh Lamba is busy incorporating the sun into her artwork. He creates cinematic shots that glorify life in a fun way.

The 22-year-old creative boy lives in the small village of Golia, about 60 km southwest of New Delhi, India. As a child, he took up photography as a hobby; and today, he has mastered his job. The sun is a constant source of inspiration for the young photographer and he is able to incorporate it into his photos in the most imaginative ways.

From carrying the sun on her back to jumping over it, Lamba uses clever perspective and digital editing to make the image of the burning sun look like an object we can hold in our hands. Lamba often asks his friends and brothers to pose for pictures. In one photo, a guy kicks the sun past the other, and in another, a man hands his friend a bright sun-shaped flower. Whatever the setting, Lamba always manages to capture captivating moments of friendship, adventure, and a bit of mischief.

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