Say Hello to Bowie: The Remarkably Unique Feline with Heterochromia and a Standout Look

Meet Bowie, the feline sensation who has taken the internet by storm with his stunning heterochromatic eyes. Rescued by Maria Lloret in Spain, Bowie is an energetic and playful European Shorthair who loves to interact with other cats, although not all of them reciprocate. Heterochromia, a unique condition that causes Bowie’s eyes to have blue and green hues, makes him stand out and captivates people worldwide. Although named after David Bowie, the famous musician did not possess this condition. Despite this, many see a striking resemblance between the two and wonder if Bowie has any hidden musical talents. If you want to learn more about this adorable cat, check out his social media pages on Instagram, Facebook, Blog, and Instagram (Cat Mom). In our interview with Maria, we will discuss Bowie’s playful nature and why adopting rescue pets is essential. Don’t forget to show your support by upvoting your favorite photos of this beautiful feline.

What an absolutely breathtaking animal! Its hues are so dynamic and diverse, it’s almost as if you’re entering a fantastical realm similar to that of Willy Wonka. The stunning pinks, deep blues, vivid yellows, and rich browns and reds all contribute to the sheer beauty of this creature. I even found myself unconsciously capitalizing the word “White” – how peculiar! Yet, let’s return to marveling at this splendid feline.


Like many felines, Bowie loves to take lengthy naps and has a hearty appetite. Maria, his owner, attests that no food has yet to displease him. Whenever he catches sight of tasty treats, Bowie starts to purr. The little mice that make noises when jostled are Bowie’s most favored playthings, and it is entertaining to observe him toss them into the air and catch them. Bowie was abandoned in a park when he was only three months old, but fortunately, he was discovered by a local animal shelter in Benidorm, Maria’s hometown. It was there that he finally found his forever home.



Maria and her sister came across an advertisement from a family seeking to adopt a cat. They were immediately smitten with Bowie’s charming looks, as well as his warm and friendly nature. Bowie’s affectionate demeanor and constant purring won their hearts over entirely. After bringing him home, Bowie eagerly devoured his food and snuggled up in Maria’s arms for a nap.

Maria is an advocate for animal rescue, and all of her cats are rescues. She firmly believes that adopting animals from shelters rather than purchasing them can save lives. Countless animals are waiting for the opportunity to find a loving home, and Maria actively promotes adopting black cats who are often disregarded because of superstitious beliefs. Maria had previously owned a black cat named Louis who wasn’t in the best shape when she rescued him. However, after receiving love and care, he became an amazing companion. The family misses him immensely.



The owner of a black cat named Bowie, who has different colored eyes, shared that cats who are older, disabled, or have health problems are usually the last ones to find homes. However, she stressed that these cats make excellent companions. Senior cats are more laid-back and less likely to damage furniture. Felines with health issues can teach their owners patience and the real meaning of love. Additionally, black cats are believed to bring good fortune! Maria also mentioned that some people have questioned Bowie’s name because the late singer did not have heterochromia like her feline friend. Nevertheless, she felt that Bowie was the perfect name for her cat due to his unique blue and green eyes and distinctive nose marking.





















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