Paw-Nibbling Kitty: Spoiled Sibling’s Delight

If a dog is used to describe a boyfriend, a cat is the most accurate model for a girlfriend. Always love to play cute, arrogant, hard to please, moody and sad

The story is that I have a dog, the house is very peaceful, a bit boring, so I adopted another milk cat. The family promises to be happier and busier.

Indeed it is, even unexpectedly, the dog is always pampered, the cat is getting more and more aggressive, what a legendary boyfriend and girlfriend hahaha

When we first met, the milk cat was already on the roof of the house

Dog is like: “wow what?”
Cat: “What kind of monster are you, beg me to spare your life”

The dog looked helpless, ” Is this lady tired of living, not afraid of the king at all, forcing this king like this? ”

Normally, my dog is quite active, sometimes equally fierce. I don’t understand why it is so patient and pampered the cat

Probably because the milk cat is so cute with cheese sticks, my dog can’t bear to frighten the hearts of children

And so this scene plays out every day in my family. Ẻm entwined with each other every day from eating, sleeping, playing . The dog loves the cat more and more, the cat is even more arrogant than before

Since then, I can see that the cat’s mouth is holding the dog’s paw, like this for 2 months now . It’s really cute, it makes me very happy, I feel that adopting one more cat is too right

Do you feel like a loving couple? The girlfriend is difficult to please, the boyfriend is all gentle for me. Oh I’m single but I have to eat rice all day

Stealing my family since then, the house has been very happy, meow woof woof busy all day. Just coming home to see them makes all fatigue disappear. Everyone should try raising this beautiful little baby, it will definitely be interesting!
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