Overcoming Criticism: The “World’s Fattest Cat” Owner Addresses Claims of Intentional Overfeeding for Instagram Notoriety

An Instagram sensation cat named Liznya The Cat has been accused of being overfed by online trolls, which sparked negative comments towards her owner. Despite gaining more than 9,500 followers on the feline’s Instagram account, Liznya’s owner received hurtful accusations of cruelty from keyboard warriors who claimed that they deliberately overfed the cat to turn her into an Instagram curiosity. However, the Russian cat owner defended herself against these accusations and expressed sadness over the negative comments about Liznya’s weight.

There has been some controversy surrounding a chubby feline from Russia, who goes by the name Liznya The Cat. Criticism has been directed towards her owners, as some people believe that they are being unkind to the cat by giving her too much food.

The owners of the cat responded by stating that they did not anticipate their feline gaining weight after Liznya gave birth. Nonetheless, some people expressed their concern about the cat’s health and criticized the owners for allowing it to become so overweight. One individual even predicted that the cat would not survive much longer. Another person questioned why the owners would permit the cat to reach such an unhealthy size. A third commenter denounced the situation as disgusting and compared it to other instances of animal mistreatment. Meanwhile, a fourth person called on the owners to stop harming animals and chastised them for endangering their pet’s life simply for the sake of appearances.

The online community was fast to notice Liznya’s weight, expressing their worries about overfeeding. In response, the cat’s owner took to Instagram to clarify any confusion about the feline’s diet and routine. The owner emphasized that they never intended to overfeed Liznya and that she only eats her prescribed diet food. While it is true that Liznya was pregnant and subsequently spayed, the owner did not claim this as the sole reason for her weight gain.

The hefty feline had a check-up at the vet and was put on a strict diet of 29 grams of Royal Canin cat food to help her shed some pounds. The vets clarified that Liznya’s weight gain was due to her pregnancy, which caused her to visit the vet multiple times, leading to her being prescribed various kinds of diet cat foods until they found one that worked. Although Liznya has stopped gaining weight, losing it is still a challenge. The owners are against any form of animal abuse and have been threatened by some individuals. They clarified that Liznya was slimmer in 2020 but hasn’t gained much weight since then, as proven by old photos taken from different angles. They also assured people that Liznya can walk and play, but needs to be more active to lose weight. The owner even posted an Instagram story showing Liznya’s meal consisting of 29g of Royal Canin diet cat food. False information and death threats are not acceptable.

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