Nora Jean: The Heartwarming Tale of a Sweet Earless Kitty

In our world today, it’s easy to feel discouraged, leading many to avoid social media altogether. However, for cat enthusiasts like us, browsing through cute feline photos brings us joy and brightens our day. One such adorable cat is Nora Jean, also known as Nora Jean the Earless Queen. I stumbled upon her on Instagram and knew she was worth featuring to spread her radiance and make others smile. Fortunately, her loving owners were happy to answer my questions about her. Keep reading to discover more about this unique cat who will melt your heart. Before we delve into her story, let’s take a moment to reflect on why so many people turn to social media to find happiness.

Around a year ago, I stumbled upon some pictures that ended up changing my life. At work, I was messaging furiously with a friend, trying to make sure that I could adopt a certain cat. Despite the panic attack that I was experiencing at that time, I knew that I needed this feline in my life. Amazingly, my wish came true and I was able to adopt her. Since then, Nora has brought so many amazing things into my life, such as appearing on The Kelly Clarkson Show and having her story and photos shared across the world.

I feel incredibly blessed to have her in my life and am grateful for every moment that we spend together. In fact, my only wish is that we could enjoy another 50 years or more together! I want to give special thanks to @ashdc98 for knitting those cute ears that helped to make Nora a star, and @dchsgiveshelter for introducing me to my best friend.

So, how did Nora come into my life? As a certified veterinary technician, I was at work one day when I saw her up-for-adoption post on Dane County Humane Society’s Facebook page. Immediately, I knew that she was perfect for me. Even though I was living in Milwaukee at the time, I left a comment saying that I wanted her. Luckily, a friend of mine offered to pick her up for me, and my wife met my friend halfway so that Nora could come straight to me at work for a checkup.

As for her name, I wanted something that reflected her unique personality and appearance. After brainstorming for a while, I settled on “Nora No Ears”. But over time, that evolved into “Nora Jean the Earless Queen”, which suits her perfectly.

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