Meeting Keith: The Feline with a Big Heart that Wins Over Everyone with Love

It’s no secret that cat lovers on the internet are particularly fond of chubby cats, but cow-patterned cats are also a popular feline feature. When these two lovable traits come together, it creates an irresistible combination. Meet Keith, a spotted British cat with a charming personality and a heart full of love and kindness. Despite being nine years old, Keith’s owners rescued him when he was only six months old and severely ill while wandering the streets. Keith suffered from Feline Herpesvirus and digestive problems, but his zest for life won over his owners’ hearts. His loyalty to his owner’s daughter, who has autism, is particularly noteworthy. The pair became inseparable, and Keith became an exceptional companion to her. After speaking to Keith’s owner, I discovered more about his incredible story, which I am excited to share on this platform. Let’s all take a moment to get to know this exceptional feline, who is sure to bring warmth to our hearts.

Would you mind sharing the story of how Keith became a member of your family? In 2013, my daughter and I volunteered at a local cat rescue center where we met a sickly kitten suffering from cat flu and gastrointestinal problems. Despite treatment for a month, he wasn’t getting better. My daughter, who has autism, developed an instant connection with him as he followed her around and even climbed on her shoulders to play. Worried about his health, I took the young cat home to give him a better chance at survival but didn’t expose him to my other cats as I feared he could infect them with contagious diseases. To ensure he was healthy, I secretly took him to the vet for further tests without telling my daughter. On Charlie’s tenth birthday, we surprised her by bringing the six-month-old kitten, whom she initially named Spartacus, home from the vet. However, as we got to know him better, we realized his goofy and humorous personality was more fitting for the name Keith, inspired by comedian Keith Lemon.

I recently noticed that Keith seems to have slimmed down a bit, and I’m curious to know how he did it. Keith has always struggled with his weight, even when he was a young cat. By the time he was one year old, he weighed 5.5kg, and the vet had to put him on a special diet. However, Keith always seemed hungry and would get very stressed when we tried to limit his food intake. This often resulted in him getting sick with flu-like symptoms.

Another issue was that Keith liked to go outside and eat from bins or other places where he could find food. This made him even sicker and caused his weight to continue to increase. We tried regulating his feeding using a feeder, but it didn’t seem to help much. Even when we moved to a new house and made him an indoor cat, his weight didn’t change.

We’ve spent a lot of money on tests to try and figure out why Keith is gaining weight. His vet believes it may be an issue with his pituitary gland, but we decided against an expensive MRI since there wouldn’t be much we could do about it. Our main goal now is to prevent Keith from putting on any more weight. He’s a sneaky little thief when it comes to food, so we’re always finding new ways to keep it away from him and slow down his eating. Despite his weight issues, Keith is still a playful and energetic cat, which is pretty remarkable considering his size.

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