Kefir, an immense Maine Coon cat, frequently confuses onlookers for a canine due to his impressive size.

Typically when we write about a chonky animal, it’s because they’ve had one too many treats and need to slim down.

Kefir, however, is a big boy by nature, and isn’t even yet fully grown.

On track to become the world’s biggest cat, the Maine Coon is so massive people think he’s a dog, weighing in at a whopping 12.5kg (27lbs).

At less than two years old, he’s already surpassed the average adult weight for his breed (6.8kg to 11.3kg), and will continue to get bigger until he’s roughly three or four.

The oversized puss belongs to Yulia Minina, who lives in the Russian town of Stary Oskol.
She bought Kefir – named after the milky yoghurt drink – as a small kitten from a cattery, after falling in love with his snowy white fur.

He refused to eat dry food so is fed on a diet of meat and natural feed, and he’s a got a huge heart, something Yulia says many people don’t realise due to his intimidating size.

Yulia says: ‘I could not even think that an ordinary baby can become so big.

‘He not only grew up big in appearance, he is also very smart and always behaves calmly.

‘The look is generally like that of a person, and Kefir has a formidable appearance, but he is a very affectionate and modest child.’

Despite being mistaken for a dog, both by those close to Yulia and commenters online, Kefir is more than happy to prove what a gentle giant he is with cuddles and purrs.

‘When friends and acquaintances come to the house, all the attention is on him and he willingly allows himself to be stroked,’ says Yulia.

‘But when strangers come to the house, everyone first confuses him with a dog.’

Kefir’s bulky fur adds to his substantial silhouette, so he’s groomed to relieve him of the weight and reduce shedding.

It appears he doesn’t know his own strength, either, with Yulia adding: ‘He has one more habit: at night he likes to climb on me and sleep. When he was a kitten, it didn’t cause me any inconvenience.
‘But now he has become big and heavy, and, of course, it is difficult to sleep like that.’

After posting videos of the mammoth moggy on TikTok, Yulia was accused of editing them, but replies: ‘I don’t use Photoshop’.

Some cats are just bigger than others, and it looks like Kefir will be bigger still once he’s fully grown.
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