“Jennifer Lawrence Shines in Latest Movie Release, Flaunting Her Sizzling Beauty for Fans”

Jennifer Lawrence isn’t concerned with your opinions.

The video interview titled “Jennifer Lawrence Doesn’t Give A F*** What You Think | NO HARD FEELINGS Funny Interview” features Jennifer Lawrence and Andrew Scott discussing their movie and personal perspectives on not caring about what people think. The interviewer, who relates to Lawrence’s line in the movie that the best part about getting older is not giving a f*** about what people think, asks if this attitude makes it easier to be an actor or better at acting. Lawrence admits that she tries not to put too much energy into what people think because it ruins her day, but it would still bump her out if someone said something mean to her face. She also jokes about sending screenshots of mean comments to her friends because she finds them funny. Scott is praised for his performance in the movie, especially his reaction to the sound of pool being played in the bar. The movie is also discussed as a modern take on raunchy comedies without being problematic, as it addresses the unsavory things that the characters do and their flaws. Lawrence is complimented on her filmography and asked if there is any part of her that would take a role just for the money, to which she replies that it would be too depressing and difficult to do without wanting to be there. The interview ends with praise for both actors and a request to keep making movies like this.

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