“Introducing Yeti: The Highland Lynx Cat with Adorable Ears and Paws!”

Polydactyl cats have a special appeal to many cat enthusiasts. It’s hard not to fall in love with these adorable felines as they have extra toes on their paws, making them even more endearing. Among these cats is Yeti, a curly-eared ginger tabby born in April 2021. His human reveals that he’s not yet fully grown since his breed is known for being large. These gentle giants are beloved for their curly ears, short tails, and lovable personalities, and Yeti possesses all of these traits while also having extra toes and a ginger coat. In short, Yeti is a cat lover’s dream come true!

Have you ever wondered how Yeti got his name? Well, he was actually named after the legendary creature known as the abominable snowman or Yeti. This mythological creature is characterized as a giant, white, and furry creature similar to Bigfoot.

As for Yeti’s personality, he is a confident and highly intelligent cat that loves to be cuddled but also enjoys being a bit of a troublemaker. Despite his mischievous side, he is undeniably sweet and lovable.

If you were curious about Yeti’s housemates, he has an older tabby cat brother named Mac and a crested gecko named Sniper. He enjoys watching Sniper in her habitat and gets along well with his feline companion.

Finally, something special to note about Yeti is his favorite hobbies. He loves to play with toys, climb to high places, and snuggle up with his humans. Overall, Yeti is a unique and lovable feline companion that brings joy to those around him.

Do you want to know something unique about Yeti? Well, this adorable feline is a Highland Lynx breed and is gifted with 23 toes, making him a polydactyl cat. Besides his toe-tally amazing feature, Yeti’s ears curl backward, and he has a tiny nub for a tail. Being a large breed, he can grow up to 20 pounds or more. I would like to express my gratitude to Kelly, Yeti’s cat mom, for letting me share his story and pictures with all the Cattitude Daily readers. To keep up with this cute kitty, follow him on Instagram.

What does he enjoy doing in his free time? His preferred pastimes include indulging in playtime with his toys, racing around the house in fits of excitement, observing the birds and squirrels from the window, and taking a well-deserved rest after a strenuous day.

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