Introducing Apricot: The Adorable Chimera Kitten That’s Twice the Feline Fun

Not too long ago, a pair of adorable kitten siblings caught the attention of a kind-hearted family who had recently moved into Nashville, Tennessee. While doing some construction work around their house, the family discovered the poor orphaned kittens abandoned in a wall. Fortunately, they quickly brought the feline duo to the Nashville Cat Rescue for help.

As soon as the kittens arrived at the rescue center, they were taken in by a foster parent named Kiki. Kiki already had two momma cats under her care, both of whom had recently given birth to their own babies and had become inseparable. Upon learning of the new arrivals, Kiki decided to introduce the kittens to Olive and Pickle, the caring mom duo who welcomed them with open arms.
Despite being only 2-3 weeks old and having been through a traumatic experience, Apricot and her sibling Pretzel were quickly accepted by their new moms and wholeheartedly welcomed into their shared litter. You can find more information about their heartwarming story on Instagram and Facebook. And don’t forget to say hello to Apricot, one of the adorable kitten siblings rescued from the wall!

The adorable feline named Apricot has a unique appearance that immediately catches the eye. She might very well be a genetic chimera cat, which is a rare and naturally occurring phenomenon.

Kiki, who is taking care of the two mother cats named Olive and Pickle, recently introduced Apricot and Pretzel to the same litter. Kiki did this gradually to make sure that the introduction goes smoothly. Photo credit goes to kittenitwithkiki.

When Bored Panda had the chance to speak to Kayli, a foster for Nashville Cat Rescue, she happily shared the heartwarming story of Pickle and Olive in greater detail. These two adult kitties were part of a cat colony in Greater Nashville and were caught by a family who discovered that they were both pregnant and friendly. When the rescue was contacted, they were asked to ensure that the two cats be kept together even when it was time for them to be adopted.

Although Pickle and Olive were initially shy and would hiss or growl at Kayli, it was clear that they loved each other and felt safe together. Kayli spent as much time as possible with them while respecting their need for space. She even sat on the floor working on her laptop most days to make sure they got used to her. As the babies arrived, Kayli ensured that they were comfortable with her assistance whenever needed, including weighing the kittens every day.

Pickle and Olive’s love for each other is evident in how they care for each other’s babies as if they were their own. It’s a joy to watch these two kitties and their adorable kittens!

Pickle was a friendlier cat than Olive, and whenever I would pet her, Olive would come up for some attention as well. Shortly after arriving at my place, Pickle gave birth to six adorable kittens, although one didn’t survive. While Pickle took care of her little ones, Olive would try to hang out with her in the playpen, but she didn’t seem very interested in the newborns. However, after about a week, I noticed Olive inside the playpen, taking care of the kittens! She acted like they were her own and even became protective when I tried to weigh them. A week after Pickle’s kittens were born, I discovered another newborn in the girls’ room – Olive’s first! And just 24 hours later, she had another baby. Since the litter size was so small and there was an unusual time gap between the kittens, I took her to the vet, where we discovered that she needed an emergency C-section. Fortunately, this saved her life since one of the babies was still inside her and had passed away. In addition to their own kittens, Olive and Pickle also accepted two babies whose mother never returned for them.

A recent family in the neighborhood came across some adorable kittens stuck inside a wall. Despite waiting for their mother to return, the kittens were eventually rescued with the belief that time was running out. The new family decided to name the kittens Apricot and Pretzel, continuing with their food-themed names. Interestingly, they were quickly accepted by the other felines in the house, Pickle and Olive, and have now become a part of their happy little family.

In a couple of weeks, all the moms and their adorable babies will be up for adoption! For now, they are being taken care of in a warm and loving foster home under my care. Stay tuned for more updates on when they will be ready to find their forever homes! Image credits go to kittenitwithkiki.

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