“Bow-Wow! Get to Know Bowie, The One-of-a-Kind Cat with Heterochromia.”

Meet Bowie, the rescued feline with captivating blue and green eyes that have stolen the hearts of people across the internet. Bowie is a European Shorthair who possesses the unique condition known as heterochromia, where his eyes display different hues, making him a rare and exquisite sight.

Maria Lloret, Bowie’s owner and rescuer from Spain, shares that he is a lively cat who loves to play, especially with other felines. However, not all cats share his enthusiasm for playfulness. In our interview with Maria, we’ll explore Bowie’s energetic and fun nature while discussing the importance of adopting rescue pets. Don’t forget to show your love and support by upvoting Bowie’s adorable photos!

Although Bowie is named after the renowned musician David Bowie, Maria recognizes that the celebrity did not possess heterochromia. Nevertheless, it’s hard not to notice the striking resemblance between the two and wonder if the charming feline has any hidden musical talents.

To learn more about Bowie, visit his Instagram (Cat), Facebook, Blog, and Instagram (Cat Mom) pages.

Oh my, what an absolutely gorgeous animal! The array of colors on its fur is nothing short of breathtaking, as if I’ve been whisked away to a fantastical realm like that of Willy Wonka’s. The spectrum spans from a delightful shade of pink to a deep and sultry blue, with bright yellows, rich reds, and browns intermingled throughout. I can’t help but notice myself capitalizing the word “White” – how peculiar! But let’s return to marveling at this stunning feline.


Bowie, like many felines, relishes snoozing for extended periods and has an insatiable appetite. His human companion, Maria, mentioned that she hasn’t come across any food that he doesn’t enjoy. Whenever he catches a glimpse of treats, he purrs ecstatically. Bowie’s favorite playthings are tiny, chirping mice, and observing him play with them is amusing because he tosses them up in the air and deftly snatches them. Despite his challenging beginning, being abandoned at a park when he was only three months old, Bowie was fortunate enough to be discovered by a local animal shelter in Maria’s hometown of Benidorm, where he finally found his fur-ever home.



Maria and her sister stumbled upon a touching advertisement of a family searching for a cat to adopt. They were immediately struck by the charming appearance and affectionate nature of Bowie. The sweet cat’s constant purring and eagerness to snuggle won the hearts of the sisters. After bringing him home, Bowie couldn’t wait to devour his food and then snuggled up in Maria’s arms for a cozy nap.
Maria shared that all of her cats are rescues, and she couldn’t be happier with her decision to adopt them. In her opinion, opting to rescue animals from shelters rather than buying them can make a significant difference in saving lives. There are endless numbers of precious animals waiting for their second chance at finding a loving home. Moreover, Maria has a special place in her heart for black cats who often get overlooked due to superstitions. She had previously adopted a black cat named Louis who wasn’t in the best health. However, with some tender love and care, he turned into an amazing companion. The family misses him dearly.



According to the owner of Bowie, a black cat with different colored eyes, felines that are senior, disabled, or unwell often have a hard time finding a home. Nevertheless, she stressed that these cats make wonderful companions. Older cats are more laid-back and won’t damage furniture. Cats with health problems can teach patience and the genuine meaning of love to their owners. Furthermore, black cats are believed to bring good luck! Maria also mentioned that some individuals have questioned Bowie’s name because the musician himself did not possess heterochromia. However, she believed that Bowie was the ideal name for her cat owing to his unique blue and green eyes and distinctive nose marking.





















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