“Adventurous Norwegian Forest Cat Roams Freely in the Outdoors, Exuding Majestic Charm”

Camilla, a resident of Norway, instantly fell in love with an adorable 8-week-old Norwegian Forest kitten she spotted on the internet in March 2018. The feline was up for adoption and Camilla couldn’t resist his charm – his innocent, big eyes and tilted head won her over. She knew she had to have him and wasted no time in making the decision. Her boyfriend Sondre also agreed, and together they became proud cat owners. In May, they welcomed the fluffy kitty into their home and named him Pepper. To document Pepper’s growth and adventures, they created an Instagram account. Pepper loves playing in the snow and is an absolute joy to have around.

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Approximately six months later, the couple realized that their furry companion Pepper was feeling lonely during weekdays when they were at work. To solve this problem, they decided to bring in another feline friend. After much consideration, they both agreed on getting a Bengal cat, and they hoped that it would be a perfect match for Pepper. In October 2018, a 6-month-old Bengal kitten with blue eyes became a new member of their family. They named her Chili because of her spiciness and to create a combo with Pepper. The couple also shared a common interest in listening to the music of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.


Image attribution: we.are.chilipepper

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After some time, Camilla and Sondre decided to add another cat to their family. They embarked on an 11-hour journey to collect a 14-week-old Maine Coon, completing their pack of feline companions. The newest addition was dubbed Limo, which often raises questions as to why her name is different from the other two cats. However, Camilla clarified that Limo is actually named after the Lemon Drop hot chili pepper. Pepper, one of the existing cats, naturally assumed a parental role towards Limo, acting as her protector and guide around the house.

Attribution for the picture goes to we.are.chilipepper

According to Camilla, Pepper has a calm and wise demeanor and is like an old soul. Although he can be a bit stubborn like his mom, he has a heart of gold. On the other hand, Chili is a typical Bengal cat who is very talkative, active, and smart. Camilla also mentions that at home, they call her FOMO because she has a fear of missing out and always follows them wherever they go. She loves to play and eat, and she is always hungry. Finally, Limo is a sweet and curious cat who greets them every day by “cleaning” the windows in their hallway. Like her sister, she is very talkative and loves belly rubs. She also enjoys drowning her toys in the water bottle and is a great climber both inside and outside of their house.

The picture attribution goes to we.are.chilipepper.

The couple Camilla and Sondre have a passion for taking beautiful pictures of their cats in nature. Rather than keeping their feline friends indoors, they began walking them on harnesses and leashes when they were young, so they would be comfortable exploring new places as grown-ups. Living near a forest, the area surrounding their home is perfect for outdoor adventures and most of their pictures are taken just a short distance from their house. Last summer, they made the decision to allow their cats to roam freely outside, which is common practice in Norway. To ensure their safety, the couple attached GPS trackers to their cats, providing peace of mind. The cats love the freedom of being outside and it’s evident how happy they are according to their owners.


Credit for the image goes to we.are.chilipepper.

Check out this adorable photo of Pepper from his kitten days!

The photo courtesy goes to we.are.chilipepper. Presently, he appears quite grandiose.


Credit for the image goes to we.are.chilipepper.

The credits for the image go to the folks over at we.are.chilipepper.

The credits for the image go to we.are.chilipepper.

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Credit for the image goes to we.are.chilipepper.

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The credits for the image go to we.are.chilipepper.


The credits for the image go to we.are.chilipepper.

The credits for the image belong to we.are.chilipepper.

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Meet Pepper, a furry friend who has two other companions in the household. One of them is a Bengal cat named Chilli.

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