107 Orange Cats That Are Basically Tiny Tigers

You might’ve never thought of it, but each cat’s fur color has its own significant meaning (or so the internet says). For instance, if black cats are known to bring good luck in some cultures, then orange cats are the embodiment of leadership, adventurousness, and being bold. And, of course, being darned cute! And that’s what we’ve gathered here for today - cute orange cats with whom you are just about to meet in this picture list dedicated entirely to painfully adorable ginger cats.

Whether you prefer fluffy orange cats or fat orange cats, you’ll find the tabby you are looking for here. And believe it when we say that each of them is cuter than the last (and here you thought that was impossible)! Oh, and don’t forget about orange tabby cats - they’re basically the little tigers you can own (okay, we know that technically a cat always owns you), adore, and pet excessively. And even if you’re in no position to keep a cat as your pet right now, don’t fret about it - these gorgeous felines are almost as good as the real thing, sans shedding and hairball puke. So, almost better.

Okay, ready to take a look at the adorable cat photos we have in store for you? They are just a smidgen further down, and you should definitely check them out - they are sure to make this day at least a little brighter. Once you are done oooh-ing and awwww-ing, be sure to give the most gorgeous cat your vote - we know it is a tough choice, but we have to know which cat you deem to be the best-looking of the bunch! Once all of that is well and done, share this article with your friends, they might also want to look at these beautiful orange cats.

#1 She Bites Her Ownself If She Can't Bite Me

#2 Cats Love

#3 My Friend, Hazel

#4 My Cat Has Just The One Ginger Arm. People Make Jokes But She's Perfect And Beautiful To Me

#5 Had To Make A Small Amendment To My Gingerbread Cat So It Matched My Ginger Cat

#6 He Likes Being Carried Like An Orange Satchel

#7 Sometimes He Will Meow Until I Place My Finger Into His Nose, At Which Point He Will Start Purring Loudly

#8 Visited The Local Animal Shelter Today - I Desperately Wanted To Take This Floppy Boy Home

#9 Beans, My Sweet Orange Tripod

#10 A Lovely Lady Cat Moved In Next Door... My Ginger Boy Likes To Sing To Her

#11 Zombie Teeth, Airplane Ears

#12 Hazel And Her Bunny Tail

#13 The Ginger Guy Wants To Snuggle, But This Is Not The Way According To My Other Cats

#14 Sally The Orange Cat

#15 Five Years With My Creature

#16 Sleepy Traveller

#17 No Neck Francis

#18 So I Looked Out In The Garden Earlier... I Own Neither A Ginger Cat Nor A Giant White Rabbit

#19 Little Baby

#20 The Day I Picked Her Out At The Shelter

#21 Awoken At 5 Am By Purring For No Reason

#22 Mr. Steal Yo’ Cat This Is Ginger, Our New Siberian Forest Kitten

#23 Told My GF That We Could Not Get A Cat, I Refused For A Long Time. This Is Day 3 Of Ginger, The Surprise Cat

#24 Max Is Going As Sebastian For Halloween This Year

#25 Relaxed Orange Cat

#26 How Are You Comfortable?

#27 Michu Testing The Waters

#28 I See Your Orange Cat With The Lasagna, Here's Mine With Pizza

#29 Our Ginger Kitties Haven’t Used Their Cat Tree In Ages. We Moved It To A Different Corner And Now They Love It Again. Cats Are Weird Floofs

#30 Blaze Taking A Little Nap

#31 Exhausted

#32 Spinach, Basil, And With Ginger Cat

#33 My Fat, Formelly Homeless Ginger Cat, Mr Tickles!

#34 My Parents’ Cat Fred, Who Is A Stray Who Adopted Them. He’s Friends With Everyone And Is The Chillest Cat I’ve Ever Met

#35 My Sweet, Small Boy. His Name Is Jack

#36 Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

#37 My Ginger Cat, Patiently Waiting For His Ouch To Go Away

#38 Wearing A Hat For A Snack

#39 No Pics Until My Belly Fur Grows Back Please!

#40 37 Is The Number Of Coins You Can Put On A Medium-Rotund Orange Cat

#41 Frances Says Have A Relaxing Sunday Everyone

#42 Anyone Know What Breed Of Orange Cat This Is?

#43 My Very Handsome Boy Dorito

#44 What Personal Space?

#45 Collection Of Orange

#46 When You Rudely Wake Up Goose

#47 My Friend Requested A Neutral Boho Project, And It Inadvertently Matches My Ginger Cat

#48 My Little Sleep Paralysis Demon

#49 Handsome Man On His Cat Throne

#50 Smile Because Ghostie Loves You!!

#51 My New Kitten

#52 Proud Of My Boy

#53 Lip Got Stuck

#54 Pick Me Up Plzzzz

#55 How I Sitz In My Chair

#56 Bath Time

#57 First Time Orange Owner Completely In Love With Our New Addition. Please Welcome Our Not So Originally Named: Honey

#58 Bella Has A Book If You Have A Minted Coin

#59 Being Adorable Is Exhausting

#60 My Baby Boy, Noodle

#61 Mr. Bojangles' (Bo) Silent Judgement For Not Stopping What I Was Doing To Attend To His Needs

#62 This Is Summer. She Likes To Alert Me To The Ghost That Lives In This Corner By Staring At The Wall, Looking Back At Me, And Meowing Dramatically

#63 My Floof Begging For Attention/Snacks From His Petsitter

#64 Cats - Especially Cats With Genes For Red Fur - Can Develop Black Spots On Their Nose And Gums

#65 Here's Coco. The Cat Who Can Not Go To Sleep Easily Unless I Gingerly Hold His Paw

#66 Is It Normal For Cats To Sit In The Shower After You Get Out?

#67 Annie Was Cold This Morning And Wanted To Be Under The Blanket

#68 Sleepy Peanuts

#69 Tub Scream

#70 My Cat No Doubt Has Just One Brain Cell

#71 Loki Is Very Persistent When He Wants Pets. He Is A Thick Boy

#72 If He Fits, He Ships

#73 Rocket Snuggles Up With My 4 Yo Every Night

#74 Mightiest Leaf Hunter

#75 I Am Genjiro

#76 Go Away Monday

#77 My Boy's Got A Big Ole Booty

#78 Fred Likes The Fireplace

#79 This Is Squanchy

#80 Danny Finally Let The Dog On Her Bed

#81 When The Floof Doesn't Want To Walk She Plops

#82 Need Some Name Suggestions For Our Newest Addition To The Family

#83 Atticus, The Powder-Puff

#84 Stray Game

#85 My Ginger Cat Being Vicious

#86 Pi Som & Phad Som The Orange Cats

#87 My Beautiful Boy, He Smells Like Oats. What Does Your Cat Smells Like?

#88 The Handsome Lord Of The Bean Bag Chair, Lounging

#89 Guess I'll Just Work On Top Of You Astro

#90 Why

#91 Sweet Babby Oliber

#92 He Got Me By The Claw

#93 You Know, Just Some Casual Cat Fishing

#94 Ginger Cat Yawning In Bed

#95 I Turned My Stardew Ginger Cat Into A Real Live One!

#96 Davie Wants To Start Off This Week With Hugs Of Joy

#97 He Drool And He Mlem

#98 Bye

#99 Oh Were You Trying To Get Work Done? Not No More

#100 Here’s Gus Mid-Yawn

#101 Riche, Orange Boy Standing

#102 I Broke A Toe. At Least I Have A Buddy To Rest With Me

#103 The Black Cat Gets In The Wood Box, Then The Ginger One Wants It Too. On Top, Of Course

#104 Good Boi Is A Teensie Loaf

#105 Do You Think I'm Scared?? Actually I Just Know That She's Not Real That's Why I'm So Fearless

#106 Ginger Cat Kills Owner With Laser Death Stare

#107 Cute Orange Kitten

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