Milly, a unique kitten with an eccentric paw and boundless vitality, discovers compassionate individuals who help her thrive.

Caroline Grace, founder of Baby Kitten Rescue, was contacted about a kitten that had been taken to a veterinary clinic for help. The tabby cat seems to have an abnormality on one of her front paws and is in need of rescue.

The person who brought her in noticed something was wrong. The vet introduced her to us. “I saw this precious angel and I couldn’t refuse,” Caroline shared. The kitten was named Mildred (aka Milly). She’s instantly a cuddly bug and a joy to be petted.

Milly instantly settled into her comfortable new room and dropped onto a blanket to feel the softness. She did a quick tour around her space before making her way to Caroline to scratch her head. Immediately, the kitten filled the room with sweet purrs as he lay comfortably on his adoptive mother.

The next day, Milly was taken to the vet to be examined by a neurologist. She managed to seduce everyone she met and keep her snarling engines running. After an MRI, X-ray, and blood tests, they got a better understanding of her condition.

Milly with hydrocephalus is being treated with medication to relieve pressure on the brain. The front part of her brain was also not developing normally.

Despite it all, “Milly has very few neurological symptoms right now. She’s eating, pottying, playing, and sleeping like a normal kitten.” Her right front leg has radial aplasia, a birth defect in which kittens are born with a radius bone deficiency. Her leg doesn’t hurt her and she uses it to walk, play, and scratch. It’s just a sweet little joke that makes her all the more special.

Ever since Milly was introduced to the toy in the tunnel, she has been obsessed, bouncing around in it with her uncontrollable energy. Milly is sweet, lovable, and trustworthy. She is a vivacious and cheerful girl who spreads that joy to everyone she comes in contact with. When Milly is ready, she will have brain surgery to drain the cyst and implant a drain to drain the excess fluid, giving her the best quality of life.

For now, Milly is busy catching anything that moves and honing her kitty skills. When she’s tired, she’ll happily climb into Caroline’s lap for a one-on-one cuddle. Milly enjoys all the toys she has at hand, and the many hugs and hugs she asks for.

Whenever she hears her adoptive mother call her name, she’ll come right in to give her her famous head bumps or purrs.

Milly’s journey reminds us that every animal, regardless of their quirks or physical differences, deserves a chance to thrive and be loved. It highlights the transformative power of compassion and the positive impact that kind-hearted individuals can have on an animal’s life.

By embracing Milly’s uniqueness and providing her with the care and support she needs, these kind folks are creating a nurturing environment where she can grow, play, and be cherished for the wonderful kitten she is.
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