A sweet feline neighbor knocked, hoping for a helping hand and a warm welcome.

Mama is a kind kitty that has made her neighbors into friends and the nicest godparents to hang out with while she isn’t at home. And is that since meeting his neighbors, this fluffy and delicate ball of hair has not gone a day without paying them a visit.

She understands just when she has to knock on the door or open the window to get access to the house.

Every day, the adorable kitty visits the property and patiently waits for them in the yard if the door is closed, but as soon as she sees someone inside the home, she dashes to the door or some of the windows and begins to meow softly until they let her in.

Mama’s neighbors, whom she sees on a daily basis, say that the kitten emerged in the yard unexpectedly, and that when she spotted them, she raced enthusiastically begging for pampering, as if she had known them for a lifetime.

The neighbors couldn’t stand up to the kitten’s sweetness and immediately succumbed to her charms, opening their doors and offering her snacks.

They had no idea that this fortuitous encounter would turn into a type of habit for the kitty, who has been visiting them on a regular basis since then.

This drew the attention of the nice neighbors:

“To seek attention, she meows and kicks the patio door or window. He sleeps on the patio furniture waiting for us if he doesn’t see us.”

When Mama, the gorgeous fluffy white kitty, doesn’t see her neighbors playing in the garden or just prefers to wait for them on the furniture, she has shown to be quite patient. However, as soon as he hears something inside the home, he bolts to grab their attention.

Mama knows the wait is well worth it, since the instant her neighbors open the door for her, she becomes the home’s darling.

And, of course, if they generally receive it with some treats, it just adds to their delight.

Despite the fact that she has a home and a family who loves and cares for her unconditionally, this lovely kitty has opted to adopt her neighbors as surrogate parents.

Every time she wants to indulge in some treats or be pampered even more, she visits her second home, where she is unquestionably welcomed with all the love in the world.

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