30 Vintage Photos Of Cats Posing With Famous People And Interesting Personalities

People and their obsession with cats started way before the internet. As soon as we as humanity could take pictures, people also started to include their pets, especially cats. These images would be lost to the general public, but luckily, Paula Leite Moreira, a Brazilian journalist, didn't want that to happen and came to the rescue.

Paula, in a previous post, shared that her fascination with vintage photos of cats began in 2020, at the beginning of the quarantine. "I loved delving into old records and decided to share what I found, resulting in the realization of this project," wrote the journalist.


Today, All Vintage Cats Instagram page has over 16K followers. Initially, Paula didn’t expect so much attention with her finds, saying: "Cats are usually very popular on the internet, but I had no idea how people would react."Of course, as with any cat content on the internet, it certainly caught people's attention, and we are sure there are a lot of followers to come.

Paula also runs a Facebook page posting the same images, so if you are more of a Facebook person, make sure to follow her there.



Bored Panda reached out to Paula to learn more about her unique collection. We were curious to know more about the process of delving into old records and finding these vintage cat photos. Paula replied: “Actually, there is no secret. I find all these records in international photo libraries and some magazines. The main challenge is to find reliable information about each one. There are many beautiful records that I don't publish because of that.”



Lots of these images seem to have an intriguing story behind them. Whether they were taken in a movie set or with celebrities, we asked Paula to share any memorable or remarkable stories that she came across. “One example is a movie with a little girl and her cat circa 1900. I found out that it was one of the first recordings ever produced by the Lumière brothers.”



What we have already learned about Paula from previous interviews is that she definitely is a cat person, and though she does not have one now, she would like to have several in the future. "I had a kitten for 18 years who passed away last year, and I still haven't adopted any new cats. But without a doubt, it's a will that I have. I want to have at least a couple to keep each other company," shared Paula previously.

This time, we were curious to know if this project influenced or changed her perception of cats or pets in general. She wrote: “I am a cat lover since always, and this project made me admire their beauty even more.”



And lastly, we asked Paula to share if she has any plans or aspirations for expanding or evolving the All Vintage Cats project.

“I would like to turn this project into something like a book or a fashion production with retro style. But, for now, the page is just a hobby.”






















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