“From Shy to Social: A Cat’s Tale of Friendship with a Rescued Kitten”

As Jazmin Felder was enjoying some peace and quiet in her backyard, she suddenly heard a faint meowing sound coming from one of the trees. Upon investigation, she stumbled upon an adorable stray tabby cat. It was then that Jazmin realized it was time to expand her current feline family with a new furry addition.

Jazmine shares that she was brought up with the value of taking responsibility for whatever life brought her way. Whenever a stray cat came to her doorstep, she would provide them with a loving home. One such instance was when she took in a tabby cat, whom she named Buddy, and made him feel comfortable. However, after some time, Jazmine noticed that Buddy didn’t seem interested in playing with the other cats and preferred being alone even during naps.


Felder had always believed that Buddy would never have a companion, but everything changed with the arrival of a new member to the family. About six months after Buddy joined the household, a gray kitten named Hannah, who was only five weeks old, was abandoned near a neighbor’s house. Jazmine, once again, showed her love for animals by taking the little kitten in. At that time, Felder already had five rescued cats, but he thought that adding one more would not be a problem.

Upon Hannah’s arrival, Buddy underwent a transformation and the two quickly became best friends despite their contrasting personalities- Buddy being reserved and Hannah being outgoing. According to their owner, Buddy exhibited a change in demeanor the moment he laid eyes on Hannah and has since become much more affectionate. The unlikely duo now spends their days grooming each other and providing comfort and companionship to one another. Simply put, they are inseparable.


The cats in question exhibit more than just grooming each other – they also hug and provide comfort. Visitors to their home often remark on how they wish for a love as strong as the bond between Buddy and Hannah. According to Jazmine, the cats cuddle and hug each other because they genuinely care for one another. Buddy even prioritizes giving food to Hannah before himself. They also enjoy playing with cat toys and racing up the stairs, with Buddy possibly letting Hannah win.

In addition to having a close bond with Hannah, Buddy has also formed friendships with the other feline residents. Felder is thrilled that her rescued cats have become one big, happy family. They enjoy meals and playtime together, and are simply adorable to watch.

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